Established in January 2004, is a Hong Kong registered company involved in product design (both electronic and mechanical), Manufacturing. Shenzhen Wex Technology Co. Ltd. Also established in January 2004 is registered in China and located in Bao An, Shenzhen. We have our R&D department and manufacturing unit....  
W9000 Ideal Pager to Locate, Monitor and Communicate
W8008 Multicharger for Thinnest IP67 Alphanumeric Pager
W8001 (4 Line/8 Line IP67 Alphanumeric Pager)
Paging Transmitters-POCSAG
W8008 Thinnest IP67 Rated Alphanumeric Pager
W8008 Single Charger for Thinnest IP67 Alphanumeric Pager
W2008P V2 (4 Line/8 Line Alphanumeric Pager)
W2028P 4 Line/2 Line Alphanumeric Pager